This Is How a Beauty Editor Does In-Flight Skincare

This Is How a Beauty Editor Does In-Flight Skincare

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With winter looming, the annual Australian migration to the Northern Hemisphere is near. Last year, I bitterly watched friends and colleagues sip limoncello in Italy, jump off yachts in Ibiza, and sip green juice in Malibu whilst I shivered my way through Sydney, cussing under my breath that I too wouldВ book a vacation next year somewhere warm. Fast forward to now, and I'm only a few days away from my departure date. Not only am I fervently booking last minute transfers and checking I've got the right Visa, but I'm also seriously curating my ultimateВ travel skincare plan (priorities). First up: My In-flight routine. Some might roll their eyes and tell me to slap on some Sorbeline and be done with it, but for me, the 24-hours airborne can make or break my skin and health in general for the entire holiday. So below, you'll find all the good bits I'm packing in my clear, zip lock bag (well, trying too anyway-wish me luck!).В

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask $5 $3Shop

Before I do anything else, I'll prep my skin the night before by doing a double cleanse, light exfoliation, steam (in the shower), and this sleeping mask from Neutrogena. Not only is a bargain (currently on sale for $3 at Woolies), but it's jam-packed with Hyaluronic Acid to draw as much water into the skin before the plane air sucks it right back out. If you're really dry, feel free to massage about half a pod in while you're actually in the air. I like the matching sheet mask once I'm at my destination (and in the comfort of a hotel robe).В

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution $12Shop

I've included Bioderma-but are you even surprised? I'll use this travel size micellar water intermittently to cleanse my face before I load it back up with hydrating lotions and serums.В

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes $8Shop

I don't normally use cleansing wipes, but these are handy to have. They're great for wiping down surfaces if you're really pressed, as well as freshening up during a layover.В

Dr Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampolues $236Shop

Whoever invented skincare ampoules must have been a frequent traveller. These are expensive, yes-but they're an absolute godsend and make a visible difference to the tone and texture of my skin. I'll layer one under my moisturiser, and rub the excess into my neck and chest. The high concentration of hyaluronic acid helps to keepВ the skin somewhat hydrated, even in dry cabin air. Note: If you're after a cheaper option, the Neutrogena Sleep Mask above can be subbed in here.В

Venustus S.O.S Roll On $59Shop

I'm both a nervous flyer, and can't sleep upright, so I love anything with a calming scent. It's illegal to light up a candle, or diffuse essential oils (sigh), so this roll-on from Venustus is the next best thing. I use it on my wrists and behind my ears, and take a few deeps breaths when I feel I need it.В

Rationale B3-T Superfluid Sunscreen SPF50+ $70Shop

You might scratch your head here, but UVA and UVB rays are present, if not amplified whilst on a plane. This sunscreen is my daily go-to, and it's light, hydrating, and compact.

Slip Silk Sleep Mask $50Shop

An eye mask is a non-negotiable, and while I appreciate Qantas providing me with one, I much prefer my silk offering from Slip. I actually have theВ Beauty Sleep To Go Travel Set ($135) that also contains a mini-sized pillow with a silk pillow case. If you CBF travelling with your own pillow, just use the silk case on the one you'll be given on board (am I Kourtney Kardashian yet?).В

Lanolips 101 Ointment $15Shop

My humble Lano will 100 percent be making the trip across the Atlantic with me, mostly because I can't live without it. I slather it on my lips so thickly I look like I've just eaten a bucket of fried chicken, but I really don't care because chapped, peeling lips are the worst. It's ace on cuticles and any little flaky bits too.В

L'Occitane Shea Intensive Hand Cream $47Shop

I feel a little extra putting this one in my round-up because of the sheer size of the tube, but it really is that great. I've got a bunch of mini L'Occitane hand creams, but for air travel, they're just not rich enough. This stuff comes out like buttercream frosting, and soothes even the driest of skin thanks to its high shea butter content. I'll justify the size by using it on my arms and legs too. Or, on second thoughts, I could decant a little into a travel tub.В

The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder $18Shop

Anyone else get bloated, gassy, and just generally gross on flights, or is that just me? I drink this stuff every morning, so will definitely be making a beeline for Sephora on my lunch break tomorrow to pick up the sachets for my travels. They taste great, so mixing one or two over the course of a day into water is fine.В

Ren & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray $33Shop

Okay, another slightly-extra pick, but I am very much into essential oils and comforting smells, and this sleep mist is quite small, so I'm bringing it. It's also the perfect way to make a hotel bed feel more homely (also great for combating jet lag).В

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil $42Shop

My last pick is an eyebrow pencil, because quite frankly I have very gappy eyebrows, and wasn't able to get in to see my eyebrow guru Lien Davies before I am due to leave, so brow pencil it is!В

Extra Tips

So, that's my wrap up, but I wanted to jot down a few extra bits that I rely on to keep me somewhat human during long-haul travel (in economy, might I add):В

  • A water bottle: I like anВ insulated one I can fill up and keep at my chair. I find I'm able to drink a lot more this way.В
  • Some non-fancy toiletries I'll also be bringing include hand sanitiser, Rescue RemedyВ gummies (I have a habit of fainting on planes and these really help), and a toothbrush with tooth paste.В
  • Socks are a must, as well as a fluffy cardigan, or a soft shawl that can double as a blanket is always good. If you're feeling fancy pants, go for cashmere.В
  • Also, a fridge-free probiotic, and some Armaforce, for warding off sickness.В

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