Permanent Hair Removal: Not Guaranteed

Permanent Hair Removal: Not Guaranteed

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Everyone would love to get rid of hair one place or anotherВ and say goodbye for all eternity, never wanting to think about it again. You might be wondering if permanent hair removal can be achieved with a certain method or machine.В Here's the fact: There is no 100-percent guaranteed permanent hair removal method.


That said, there are hair removal options that are better than others for permanency. The Food and Drug Administration considers electrolysis a permanent hair removal method because it has the best overall results. This means electrolysis can get rid of hair for long periods of time or even a lifetime. Electrolysis is the only method the FDA and the American Medical Association approve as permanent.

However, studies have shown it doesn't give everyone these permanent results. You won't know exactly how it will work for you in a specific zone until you try it. If your goal is to never see hair in your target area ever again, this is your best bet.

Electrolysis does require multiple sessions, which can get pricey depending on the electrologist's prices and the size of the zone. On the bright side, it doesn't require a certain hair color for effectiveness or skin tone for safety like laser hair removal.В

Electrolysis destroys the hair follicle with chemical or heat energy. You can have hair removed from virtually any area of the body with electrolysis, including theВ genital area, and you are not likely to suffer any side effects beyond some temporary redness.

False Claims

There are plenty of gadgets, machines, and treatments promising permanent hair removal. These companies are outright lying or twisting the term "permanent" when you read their fine print. You not only have to watch out for products you see online but also professionals guaranteeing you'll be hair-free forever with their treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

Some laser centers make it sound as if you'll never have to be reunited with your hair again just by having the right number of visits. But there is no laser hair removal equipment that has been approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal.

However, the FDA has approved laser hair removal machines for permanent hair reduction because they can get rid of hair on many people for long periods of time with multiple treatments. Generally, the ideal candidates are those with light-to-medium skin tones and dark hair. Advancement is continually being made so that more people outside of those limits can also get laser or other light-based treatments, like IPL, or intense pulsed light. This includes hybrid devices that combine light-based hair removal with other technologies.
Hair growing back at some point is still possible, whether it's a reduced amount, a finer version, or a combination of both. Lasers can reduce hair counts 40 to 80 percent, reports the Mayo Clinic.

The color of hair being treated, genetics, age, gender, hormones, and season all play a part in how well the hair responds to laser hair removal and how long treated hair stays away.В

Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal at Home

There are no electrolysis machines for home use. You must have electrolysis done by a certified electrologist. However, there are genuine light-based laser and IPL systems made to give yourself treatments. Some of the systems can also be used for hair removal on the face, as well as the body. Be sure to fully read all instructions and safety information before zapping away.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Hair

While other methods of hair removal can't promise longevity, some might reduce the amount of hair over time when done repeatedly. Tweezing, waxing, sugaring, and threading can damage the hair follicleВ over time when done often to the point where hair no longer grows in that area.