Need to Have It: Almay Long Lasting Brow Colorв„ў

Need to Have It: Almay Long Lasting Brow Colorв„ў

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Not to overstate the obvious, but brows are having a moment, and we're pretty sure that moment's not ending any time soon. Getting those perfect arches takes serious time, though. Whether you pencil in your set or play artist with a brush and powder, all that hard work simply washes away at the end of the day-if it lasts that long. (Moment of silence for those times we absentmindedly itched our brows off our faces.) Of course, you could put in the time and money to get your brows professionally tinted, but we have anВ alternative (and affordable) solution: AlmayВ Long Lasting Brow Colorв„ў ($9), an easy-to-apply, peel-off brow formula.

Almay Long Lasting Brow Colorв„ў is a peel-off formula that'll seriously stay put. Simply "paint" on a thick coat of the sugar-based formula, let it dry for 15 to 30 minutes, and gently peel it off in the direction your hair naturally grows.

Once your brows are darkened and defined, they'll last. (And let's be honest, when your brows are done, do you really even need any other makeup?) Plus, the browВ color comes in four shades-dark blonde, brown, brown black, and auburn-so you can find the one that looks most natural against your own hair. Have sensitive eyes or wear contacts? No problem-it's also hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist-tested, and safe forВ your eyes.

You can shop AlmayВ Long Lasting Brow Colorв„ўВ ($9) at (Pick up a few; you'll be hooked.)