10 No-Heat Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Summer

10 No-Heat Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Summer

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It's a holiday weekend and the unofficial start of summer. This means two things: 1. You probably have three days filled with outdoor adventures, barbecues, and possibly some pool time ahead of you, and 2. you definitely don't want to spend those precious hours heat-styling your hair-especially as temps continue to climb.

With that in mind, we're rounding up some of the heat-free hairstyles we swear by this time of year. Not only do these 'dos require minimal time and effort, but they'll keep you cool too-a critical combination when it's 90 degrees and approximately 500% humidity. Best of all, they're still totally polished, which is key for summer nights-and hungover brunch on summer mornings.

Here are our favorite no-heat summer hairstyles.

1. Slicked-Back


Is it hair gel, seawater, or sweat? No one has to know. And feel free to get creative: You might opt for the topknot seen here or perhaps a sleek high pony. We also love the look of hair down with the roots slicked back for a night out. (Try Bumble and Bumble's Sumotech, $29, for flexible hold.)

2. Low Pony-Braid

@laisribeiro / Instagram

Take a cue from Lais Ribeiro by putting a vaguely fancy spin on a low pony-the fishtail braided detail at the bottom says "I tried!" even though the actual effort is pretty minimal.

3. Half-Bun Loop

Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

For the girl who can't be bothered with ponytails, buns, and braids, we give you theВ barelyВ bun. All you have to do is loop your hair through a hair tie and pull that loop so it's barely hanging on. It's perfect for when you wake up with texture leftover from last night's waves and a headache from last night's festivities that, when combined, make spending more than 30 seconds on your hair out of the question.

4. Pineapple Ponytail

Getty Images

Ideal for keeping curls intact and avoiding hair-induced neck sweat, this updo is a breeze for anyone with tight curls or natural texture.

5. Space Buns

Getty Images

This foolproof '90s throwback has already earned the Coachella seal of approval. And mark our words: It'll be one of the most popular 'dos of the summer. (Not only is it great for days when it's so hot you can barely move, but it's also pretty clutch for disguising dirty, sweaty hair.)

6. Sideswept Braid

Isabella Thordsen

Give your deep side part a little something extra with a floating braid. To achieve this much texture and body, hair powder is a must. Try a sprinkling of Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder ($17).

7. Knotted and Pinned

While this pinned-back look on Emily Blunt is expertly woven with wire, we certainly aren't all hairstyling craftsmen. To get a similar look, twist and coil small pieces at the bottom of your head and pin in place with bobby pins. It's okay if they're visible-in fact, the exposed hardware will add to the style.

8. Parted Topknot


Add a bit more dimension to an otherwise common topknot by parting the crown down the center, gathering the split sections (about halfway down the hairline) and securing with a small hair elastic at the top of the head. Then bring the rest of the hair up into a twisted knot.

9. Messy Crown Braid


This romantic style looks much more difficult than it is. Part your hair in the center continuing the part all the way down the back of your head. Create a low braid on either side, secure each with an elastic, then bring each piece up and over, pinning to the crown. To hide exposed ends, tuck each end underneath the opposite braid and pin. If you aren't an expert braider, know that a messy, pulled-apart braid makes for a better look here.

10. Triple Cornrows


We love the look of this trio of cornrows placed on the top of the crown with the rest of the hair slicked down and gathered into a low pony.