Watch Our Editor Try Out Tarte's Radiance Drops

While we love a solid matte finish every now and then, we truly save a special place in our hearts for a warm, dewy glow. There's a certain exuberance (a joie de vivre, if you will) that comes from radiant skin and makeup. So, naturally, we tend to hoard our favorite highlighters. What can we say? When we find what works, we keep multiple on rotation-you know, just in case a brand dares utter that dreaded word: discontinued.

Collectively, we've tried literally hundreds of formulas throughout the years, but there's never been anything quite like this glow-giving product from Tarte. Let us introduce the Rainforest of the Sea Radiance Drops ($32). This reflective liquid is part skincare, part makeup, and you won't believe the myriad ways you can use it. To see this product in action and hear what our editor has to say about it, watch the video above!