Tested: A Brow Product That's Actually Easy to Use

Brows are kind of needy. They demand constant maintenance, and you typically have to try out a whole bunch of products before you figure out how to get the look you want. In other words, it can all feel a bit daunting. But thankfully we're now living in the age of natural, full brows (and can swing by European Wax Center® for products and maintenance services-life saver). These days it's all about sticking to the basics-meaning less time spent filling in your set and more time enhancing what you've got. And for that, we've got a holy-grail product we want to fill you in on.

What It Is:

READY. SET. BROW!в„ў Perfect Brow GroomerВ ($19) is a soft-holding clear gel formula that instantly shapes and sets brows in place without leaving them stiff and sticky.

Why We Need to Have It:

A good brow product glides on easily and is delicate enough to tame and enhance individual strands of hair while providing a natural-looking finish.В

Where to Get It:

You can pick it up at any European Wax CenterВ®-visit waxcenter.comВ to find your nearest location.