Merry Christmas Guys, Summer Fridays Is Finally Available in Mecca


You've no doubt seen Marianna Hewitt's brand,В Summer Fridays all over Instagram, and until now it's been tricky to get our hot little hands on it here in Australia. But as of today, you can grab the mask atВ beauty wonderland and curator of international brands, Mecca. Hooray!

Praised for it's ability to turn sad, tired skin into that of a bouncy, dewy cherub, the mask is a creamy formula that sinks into skin without the need to rinse (although you can tissue off any excess, should you need). It's packed withВ ceramides and gentle exfoliating agents, so you can expect a brighter, more hydrated complexion after use. It's receivedВ rave reviews online, so you can bet it's going to sell out fast. Stay tuned for a review on Byrdie Australia. To snap one up for yourself, keep scrolling.В

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