The Fittest Women in Hollywood All Swear By This Exercise

The Fittest Women in Hollywood All Swear By This Exercise

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When we weren't ogling the incredible chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling inВ La La Land, our focus fell on the actress's enviableВ physique-she's undeniably in amazing shape, somethingВ that becomes all the more clearВ with every spin on the red carpet this awards season.В Thankfully, figuring out the routine behind her sculpted arms didn't require much sleuthing, as trainer Jason Walsh (of the celeb-frequented, L.A.-based fitness destination Rise Nation) took to Instagram to show Stone sweating her way through a typical workout.

It turns out that there's one move in particular that Walsh credits for Stone's sculpted muscles: the dead lift. Trainers like Walsh have worked to blast myths aboutВ weight lifting for women on a public scale, and Stone herself should serve as proof that hardcore strength training does not a bulky figure make.В SeeВ her in action below.


"It's one of those movements that's more bang for your buck," Walsh tells Self, noting that Stone's back issues have disappeared since she started weight lifting.В "You're going to burn a lot of calories, the muscles are working in a balanced fashion, you're reinforcing proper movement patterns, it's going to change the way the body works so that everything else that you do you get more out of."

And just in case there was any question about how hard Stone pushes herself…


Working out like a beast is exhausting.

Stone isn't Walsh's only client who has seen major results with dead lifting. Ashley Greene and Irina Shayk (seen below) are also regulars on the trainer's Instagram feed, as well, among several other impeccably-toned A-listers.