These Are the Most Requested Nail Colors for Spring

These Are the Most Requested Nail Colors for Spring

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“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Meryl Streep as magazine editor in chief Miranda Priestly called out the spring stereotype with this sarcastic quote in The Devil Wears Prada, but there's another common beauty trend that emerges this time of year: pastels. Like florals, pastels are so commonly associated with spring that they're practically synonymous, like Kim Kardashian and contouring, or Blake Lively and really, really good hair. As much as we're all about originality and bucking the norm, it turns out pastels really are trending this season… at least when it comes to nail polish. Oops. But make no mistake: These aren't your grandma's pastels. No, the frilly pale pinks of years past have been traded in for unexpected pops of lilac, or even a bewitching pale yellow-yes, yellow. We caught up with Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder of Olive & June, and Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Ilyinsky, co-founders of Tenoverten, and asked them to share the shades their clients have been going crazy over this spring. Tuck this away for the next time you find yourself staring in front of a polish wall feeling lost and indecisive.

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Pale Blue

CND Vinlyux Weekly Polish in Creekside $11Shop

Who needs neutrals when you have this intriguing pale blue? Tuttle calls this shade one in the new crop of "new neutrals," and promises that it's easier to wear than you think.

Similar Shades:В Essie Nail PolishВ ($9) in Saltwater Taffy; Butter London Nail LacquerВ ($12) in Sprog; CГґte Nail PolishВ ($18) in 71.В

Opaque Neutral

Tenoverten Nail Polish in Fulton Street $13Shop

Speaking of nudes, Abramcyk says her clients have been loving Tenoverten's Fulton Street for the opaque finish that gives just enough coverage. "It's a neutral that's perfect for the warmer weather and gives you a clean nail feel," she says.

Similar Shades:В OPI Nail LacquerВ ($7) in Coney Island Cotton Candy; Nails Inc.В Nail PolishВ ($15) in Porchester Square; Burberry Nail PolishВ ($22) in Nude Beige.


Sunny Yellow

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Sun Bleached $11Shop

"One of the crazier pastel shades, CND's Sun Bleached, really pops in the freshest way," Tuttle says. "I love how it looks against an army-green jumpsuit as we move into spring!"

Similar Shades:В CiatГ© London Mini Paint PolishВ ($8) in Loop the Loop; Formula X Nail Polish ($11) in Lively; Deborah Lippmann Nail LacquerВ ($18) in Build Me Up Buttercup.

Coral Red

tenoverten Nail Polish in Ludlow $18Shop

Not into pastels? Try a cheery coral red instead. "It beckons warmer weather and open-toe sandal season," Abramcyk says. "A coral is universally flattering on all skin tones, too."

Similar Shades:В Julep Nail PolishВ ($14) in Boho Glam; Caption PolishВ ($12) in Sorry I'm Not Sorry;В Chanel Le Vernis Nail LacquerВ ($28) in Gitane.


Essie Nail Polish in Playdate $9Shop

"When you're looking for an alternative to classic pinks and reds but still want to feel feminine, this lilac shade is the answer!" Tuttle says. В

Similar Shades:В CГґte Nail PolishВ ($18) in No. 83; Butter London Nail LacquerВ ($15) in Molly Coddled.

Dusty Mint

tenoverten Nail Polish in Liberty $18Shop

Ilyinsky says that while pinks still reign supreme in the throes of spring, she's noticed that customers choosing more unexpected shades, like dusty mint. "These transitional shades are especially great for spring's finicky weather, when temps can be sweltering one day and frigid the next, wreaking havoc on wardrobe choices andВ polish color picks," she explains.В

Similar Shades:В Dolce & Gabbana The Nail LacquerВ ($27) in Mint;В CiatГ© London Mini Paint Pot Nail PolishВ ($9) in Pepperminty; Zoya Nail PolishВ ($10) in Bevy.

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