3-Minute Read: The #1 Plastic Surgery Procedure in Asia Is (Very) Unexpected

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Given our lingering obsession with ultra-pouty lips on this side of the hemisphere (thanks, Kylie Jenner), we were rather surprised to learn that women across the world are actually seeking out the exact opposite. According to new research (as reported by The Zoe Report), lip reductions are the #1 procedure in Asia right now.

More interestingly still: The procedure-which entails surgically tucking the lip under to reduce size, and typically runs around $1000 to $3000-is most popular among the millennial set, which happens to be the key demographic for lip plumping here in the States in recent years. Head over to The Zoe Report for more details on how lip reduction works, and on the flip side, hear some honest thoughts on fillers and Botox from real women. And either way, dress up your lips with our go-to 'sticks below.

The actress swears by workouts with trainer (and friend to Byrdie) Nicole Winhoffer, who utilizes fun dance cardio moves to tone up muscles and burn major calories. One InStyle editor decided to adopt the regimen as her own-head over to the site to see how the workout transformed her in ways she didn't expect.

In fact, if you're already noticing redness, it means your sunburn is already well into development. But here's the good news: There are a handful of other symptoms that indicate that it's time to head indoors before your skin has a chance to reach peak lobster status. Well+Good has the skinny.

Apparently, there's an actual gene that prevents roughly 2% of the population from experiencing smelly B.O. Must be nice, but the scientists who figured this out also discovered that 78% of the people they studied who have this gene wear deodorant anyway. (Which… why?)

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