Get Ready Because a Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Makeup Collaboration Is Coming

Get Ready Because a Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Makeup Collaboration Is Coming

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Getty/Europa Press

Gigi Hadid has dabbled in fashion design in the past (and by dabbled we mean she created a wildly popular clothing collection alongside Tommy Hilfiger, which debuted atВ London Fashion Week last month). That's on top of the fact that she's an international supermodel who regularly walks for massive fashion houses, wears incredible clothing on the regular, and appears in multimillion-dollar ad campaigns. So, yes, she knows fashion well.

But she also knows beauty.В She'sВ had the chance to workВ with the industry's top makeup artists and influencersВ backstage at those aforementioned fashion shows. She regularly debuts stunning new makeup looksВ and has also been the face of one of our favorite drugstore makeup brands, Maybelline, since 2015. Now, she's taking her beauty influence even further, by collaborating with Maybelline to release a complete makeup collection that's set to debut soon.В Keep scrolling to seeВ the announcement that she posted on Instagram.

Gigi posted this photo to Instagram over the weekend. "A year in the making," she captioned it. "GIGIxMAYBELLINE COMING SOON." The official Maybelline account alsoВ released an announcement in the form of three super-short anticipatory videos posted one after the other. We can tell from these posts alone that the collection will be sleek and totally covetable.В

We can't wait. Hadid is known for her mile-long lashes and dewy skin, so we're hoping to see a new mascara and highlighter come from the collab. We would also love to see some Gigi-approved nude lipsticks sinceВ flesh-toned colors are kind of her thing. (She tends to stray toward the California-girl aesthetic-wearing her golden blonde hair in relaxed waves with a nude lip and fresh complexion.) Perhaps Hadid will put her own spin on our favorite MaybellineВ Color Sensational LipstickВ ($6).

Hopefully, we can expect someВ '70s-inspiredВ shades, too, since that seems to be the overall vibe of her Instagram post with her fluffy jacket and orange colored lenses. It's no secret we have a love for that decade, so we wouldn't turn up our noses at some bright copper blushes and dramatic liners and shadows. Either way, though, it looks like we still have a little more waiting to do. Hadid was vague about the official launch date, but we'll be keeping our eyes and ears open for new information.

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