Quick and Easy Makeup Looks That Make a Statement

Quick and Easy Makeup Looks That Make a Statement

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Life is busy, we get that. You barely have time to think about what to have for breakfast on a weekday, let alone try a new makeup look. But if you do want to mix things up you totally can and in as little as three minutes. The secret? Choose one feature to play up-whether its eyes or lips-making that the focal point. There are tons of quick and easy ways to make a statement without wasting time, keep scrolling for seven beautiful looks that take no time at all but look incredible.


The Crayola-Bright Eye

A Crayola-bright eye is an effective way to stand out. The secret to making your eyes pop is to choose a color that's opposite to your eye hue on the color wheel. Blue is opposite to orange and red; green looks brighter next to purple, and brown eyes look best with greens and yellows. Re-create this look using pressed pigments. Just apply up to the socket line and keep the rest of your makeup minimal.


The Worn-In Lip

If you don't want to have to retouch your makeup every five minutes but you're drawn to a bold lip, then useВ this look as your inspiration. Using a matte lipstick pat it onto lips from the bullet, then use your ring finger to tap and smudge it into your lips for a stained effect. You don't need the edges to be too neat, but you can use a cotton bud to neaten up if you like. Get the look using NARS Pure Matte LipstickВ (ВЈ17) in Volga.


The Highlighted Eye

A bright white liner can make the eyes look bigger and brighter in an instant. Take a white pencil and apply in the shape of a sideways V. Start at the inner corner of the eye, drawing out two-thirds of the way along the waterline. Next, draw from the inner corner about a third of the way along the upper lash line. Gently smudge the edges so the lines fade out rather than finishing abruptly.


The Matchy-Matchy Eye

Why not try a smokey eye with a difference and match the shade to your hair color? Whether you're red, blonde, brunette, raven or grey, choosing a shade in the same color family as your hair is aВ surefire way to find a color that will suit you and your skin tone.


The Glossy Eye and Lip Combo

If you don't want to play with color, try experimenting with textures instead. Keep your complexion matte and add gloss to eyes and lips. Work a little Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin ProtectantВ (ВЈ28) over eyelids and on lips.


The Bright Glossy Stain

A bold lip doesn't need to take ages to perfect. Look for slightly glossy textures that leave a stain on the lips. Try L'OrГ©al Paris Infallible 2 in 1 Lip ColourВ (ВЈ10) in Red Infallible.


The Colour Wash

A more wearable way to flaunt a bright eyeshadow is to go for a sheer wash rather than an opaque finish. Use a cream eyeshadow that you can build up gradually.

What are your quick yet effective makeup tricks? Share them in the comment box below.